by Dantas

Because your need is our priority, Relájate has developed innovative products, made ​​with active ingredients of natural origin.


1. Rejuvenating and Genital Repairer: Its properties allow to rejuvenate the genital area by stimulate the production of new cells. It also provides firmness and hydration.
Prevents damage for premature aging. In man provides softness and reaffirmation of genital tissues. Does not alter the PH.

2. Intimate depigmentation: Minimizes stains, reduces deep lines and rough skin (goose bumps). It applies in genital areas and peri-genital, peri-anal, nipples, crotch. Does not alter the PH.

    Other products:

  1. Sunscreen-factor 100
  2. Anti age Kit
  3. Vitamins: Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin C
  4. Thermal line: Heat - Cold
  5. Clay mask
  6. Clay exfoliation
  7. Clay and silicon detoxifying
  8. Lotion for excessive sweating
  9. Flavored mineral salts